The Spy Who Came in from the Bin: a Jonathon Fairfax novel

Jonathon Fairfax, Book 3

Cover of The Spy Who Came in from the Bin
He only knows three things about himself: he’s polite, he likes tea, and everyone wants to kill him.

"This is a hugely entertaining novel which plays with some classic spy tropes, and spy movie plots, in enjoyable fashion. It is a surprising, yet strangely fitting, progression to the Jonathon Fairfax story."

Scott Pack, editor (formerly head buyer at Waterstones and senior editor at Harper Collins, now editor-at-large at Eye and Lightning Books)

He doesn’t know why he woke up in a bin. He doesn’t know why he‘s in Berlin.

He certainly doesn’t know why this beautiful stranger is claiming to be his wife. Or why she is aiming an assault rifle at his head. He doesn’t know much really, but he‘s sort of used to that.

Jonathon Fairfax – still the world’s most socially awkward hero – is back. While escaping assassination (and avoiding upsetting anyone) he must find out how he got into this mess, why he feels this nameless yearning in his heart – oh, and who he is...

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